Saturday 2 September 2017

Spring Cleaning

After listening to Alison and Kari’s DNA talk from the Shiny show, I went out to clean my pool.

It is the 2nd day of spring in Sydney Australia, the sun is out and I am taking in the rays. I think my Higher self has started telling me a story.

So, the sad news is the pool was filled with debris, plastic bags and lots of leaves and twigs left over from an intense month of wind, some trips away from home, wet weekends and general neglect. As I had finished skimming all the leaves from the surface, I could see so much more rubbish at the bottom of the pool. I don’t like to vacuum this stuff up as I have to keep stopping to clean out the basket and turning off and on the filter. It is so much easier to remove what I can from the bottom first and then do a residual vacuum. Besides, it gives me a mini workout while enjoying the sun!

 As I begin to run my scoop over the bottom of the pool, I get some leaves and twigs but in the process the water becomes more clouded and soupy and those slippery suckers are moving around everywhere and seem to hang in a thickened water. I cannot see the bottom clearly anymore. So I move to another part of the pool and start the process again, making the same mess but slowly working away and cleaning up my pool.

With a spiritual awakening, a Kundalini Rising or just an event, some stuff just comes up and needs to be cleared out. We can bury stuff and let it sink to the bottom of our soul pool (to be dealt with later) or these experiences can start a whole process, a questioning of our purpose, a roller coaster of emotions attracting more experiences. Your soul just got a little soupier but it has been stirred up for a reason and it now easier to be sucked out or released. 

Easy is probably the wrong word to use as it has taken me a lot of searching and personal work to get this far but I look back and know how far I have come.

After I give myself a Transference Healing or having a Light Language healing, I know stuff has been stirred up ready for release so I take care of myself for a few days and continue to bring lots of light in and continue to run energy. 
I have heard people say, “I just had a healing” so why am I not feeling so great. It’s not working” I now understand why.

So, go get some lovin’ energy healing.
Tend your soul, do the occasional backwash to clean your filter, open the waste valves for the dross,
clear out the filter basket regularly to stop the blockages and give your soul pool a top up of high frequency rays. 

And enjoy your swim.

Friday 23 December 2016

THe Professor tells me the story of "Our Joshua" 7th Dec 2016 Ω

This is my second channeling of Professor Robert McEvoy. December being a crazy time of year I have found it tricky to do "Cafe Sunday" well. So my second sitting was on a Wednesday. Thank goodness for holidays. Thank you Robert for being so flexible for me. When writing the date I felt I needed to also write the Omega sign above. This is a symbol for one of my guides but as Robert fed me the words I realised that the Omega held other significance.

Donna: Hi Robert
Robert: Hi to You
D: So I am late, I am sorry about that. I will try and be more punctual
R: Good
D: So what am I doing today?
R: Talking to me!
D: Obviously
R: I want to work on Channeling with you
D: Me too!
R: You need to clean yourself… Cleanse I mean
D: What with?
R: Water. You do not need to do a question answer thing with me. It will be easier if you just write what I send
R: So let’s begin
You are right I was sending this to you this morning.
(I was in the shower and the phrase “our Joshua” came into my head)
R: Showering…water acts as a message relay. The frequency is easily amplified by water. That is why scrying with water and crystal helps mediums and gypsy types. So... be with water a lot more and it will help our energies meet.
 (I grab and eat a biscuit)
D: Last one
R: I spoke to you last time about taking responsibility for your health and not always using a Dr. Ordering a salted caramel slice is contrary to my advice.
D: I know but it is Gluten Free!
R: Really! And that means what exactly?
D: Exactly.. It is my excuse (I felt like I was being scolded and did not like it)
R: so next time it will just be green tea.
D:Quan yin is here too. Is that right?
R: She is always around you. It’s a past life thing… One of your wealthier lives. I guess you experienced excess in a different way in that life.
D: So I am experiencing excess in this life too?
R: You know you are. Think about it. (He was right)

My mechanical pencil was not easy to use.
D: I have to get a better pencil
R: Yes
D: So
R: Let’s begin. It will be about Joshua

He was a lonely boy, orphaned, destitute in the 1900’s. A street urchin, blond brown hair, pushed wet against his head as the rain fell. He was different. He could filter the world for what it was. He took what he needed and lived hand to mouth. He instinctively knew how to survive.  Instinct was strong. He lived in boxes in alley ways using dried grass as a cover. He drank water from puddles.

D: England?
R: Scotland... Edinburgh.

The summer was easier but the winter was harsh. He took refuge in cellars. With open doors for liquor deliveries, he would sneak in and hide behind kegs and barrels. The air was damp and musty, inhaling moisture mixed with the smell of hops. In winter he used scrap cloth and tied it around his feet and ankles for some protection. Old cleaning cloths were found in the maids buckets that were washed in the alley ways. His existence was hard and that is why he did not live a long life but he did live and survived a time on his wits. Fagin's quarters would have been a luxury to him but he lived and survived solely on his guile.

He dreamt of running through heather fields with sunshine on his face. This dream helped him stay and live with hope. That is how he survived. That dream seemed so real to him. What he did not know was that this was a parallel life he lived when events unfolded differently for him.

So while this dream kept him hoping and wishing in this current timeline, the despair of his life was a nightmare that made the other Joshua grasp harder to his fortune and luck. He was grasping it so tight that he could not share it with anyone else. Yes, in this life he lived longer with the warmth of daily porridge to aid his growth and set his day with the feeling of fullness that he did not want for too much. This Joshua was more resilient but hardened with his nightmare of poverty that he became less generous of spirit.

This Joshua too was a loner but one of self affliction for fear of others taking from him. He developed mistrust of others. He focused too hard on his fear of losing what he had, that he could not enjoy the benefits of his life. He became thrifty and mean of spirit.

Our Joshua had loneliness, as others saw him as a burden and pushed him away. He however appreciated the morsels left to him by parlor maids and women of the street. His mother “God rest her soul” was one of them. He saw kindness and generosity in others and developed a warmth of spirit in his short life. The days of sunshine were seen as such gifts. He would bask and give thanks for the warm sun on his face, taking him to his dream, which was coming true. He experienced true freedom.

Although he felt tied to the city streets for food and shelter, he knew the road would lead him to open fields. On the odd occasion he would steal a ride in the back of a cart that took him beyond the city limits and for one morning he would touch the green of the trees and the lengths of grass along the road side. He would then walk back along the way to the city returning under the cover of darkness. Industry meant smoke filled the air but the smell of peat burning was what he was used to. One day however he stayed too long. He walked too far into the rolling hills and became lost. As night fell he had no shelter but laid back to watch the night sky pass by. There were no clouds tonight but what a performance from the heavens. It was a sky he did not see from the city landscape. He was normally inside by dark and did not venture out with all the drunkards moving around the streets. This sky was such a splendid feast for the eyes that he laid back and took in the vista. There he lay till he fell into a restful slumber feeling so rich in the magnificence of his day. He had lived his dream.

"This Joshua's" story continues.

I thanked Robert for his time

Monday 28 November 2016

A series of events that seemed so unrelated started to converge and here I sit in a Café with my notebook and pen ready to meet Professor Robert McEvoy. Ready to start a conversation. I had been chomping at the bit to get here and start, and now I am waiting at the mercy of spirit, wondering if it is my ego about to make this all up or my ability to channel starting to manifest.

I know he is here
D: I want to get to know you first. You seem like a man of integrity to me or that is what I sense.
R: I cared for everyone around patients, my staff, my wife...Oh my wife, my family. To me they were all family.
D: I Googled you to see if you existed and I found a photo. I sense green behind you... rolling hills with an outlook from a large window.I think it's a Golf Club of sorts or an estate.
R: I know your father over here. We play golf together.
D: OK 2 Scots Robb and McEvoy eh, playing the Scottish pastime..
D: I am glad you have a sense of humour. That means you and dad are laughing a lot together.
R:We always laugh
D:Good. That is one thing I miss about my Dad. He liked to laugh.
R: He loves you
D: I know
I start to get a little teary at this point, blurring my notebook. I take a sip of my tea.
R: Pull yourself together. I am here 'cause I want to work with you. You need to tell others about me.
D:Really! I have my doubts that I would be believed by professionals.
R:It is not professionals I am targeting but families. They will believe
D: Oh Ok
D:So what exactly are we going to do together.
R: I talk, you listen and scribe.
D:Ok so I am your lackey!
R:Yeah! Somewhat
D: I know you are laughing but Serious as well
R: Serious, Yeah! Somewhat. I believe this is what I am working on over here

I stared at my food that was getting cold on the table
D: Wait..
I then took a few bites of my food.
D: This is great food
R: I know. I remember but it would be nice to taste this all over again. I enjoyed my food and the pleasures of life
D: So what was your purpose in your life as Dr Robert McEvoy? Are you a Professor?
R: Yes. I loved kids. I still do. I had a relative with Autism and it always concerned me so. Now that I am here, I am wanting to help. It is my interest... how the brain works in children's development. That is why Paediatrics is my field. So much can happen from pre-natal to post natal development. It's all about wiring. Intriguing.
D: You know I worked with children early in my career as I do now but in a paramedical  field. I found egos amongst many and to a degree myself. I thought I knew it all and could work out things just by thinking things through.
R:You were Uppity!, but then we did not have the technology to tell us much and today it is the same. The more that is discovered, the more questions arise but things are cleared now and there is much knowledge... But yes EGO is a big part of people in powerful positions
D: Did you have much ego?
R:Yes but maturing and life can help you see... knock if out of you. Things happen to make you realise you can not control everything or have all the answers. It is not take a pill, go home and you will feel better in the morning anymore. People need to be more active, involved in their own health and not give responsibility to the Doctors all the time. It is usurping power over self to a degree. There are times when Doctors are needed of course but they are not the panacea to all ailments.

I felt I needed to write "CO2" but I don't know why!

R:So is that enough information for you
D: There will always be questions from me. That is who I am.
R: I know. You have a bossy Higher Self...No judgement though...she just nudged me. Ouch! If I could feel... Spiritual nudge.
R:James your guide is Negro by the way. Just to let you know.

Yes I had got that real Harlem Globetrotter feel when I first connected with him. So it is nice that Dr Rob confirmed that for me.

D:So what were your great achievements
R: You mean besides golf!
D; Yeah. You want to work through me for a reason so I just want to know more.
D: You are showing me leaves. Was that your garden
R:Yes late in my life. Giving back was important. The garden was an interest and  as I gave to it, it gave so much more to me. So what else. Why did you contact me?
D:Correction, you contacted me. After you told me through a medium that  you were waiting for me. I was given instructions to set a regular time for me to contact you. Mind games??!!
R:Keeping it interesting. Let's write a book shall we?
D:Ok. When do we start?
R: We already have! I am having a conversation with you.
D;So what? "Conversations with Professor Robert McEvoy"
R: That is a start but let's see what transpires... shall we?
D: Were you born in the USA or Scotland. I am getting an accent but feel you lived in the states a while
R:I emigrated
D: Like my Da did
R: not post war but later

I automatically thought of a Scottish Dr I used to see when I was younger. He had a Scottish brogue but practiced now in Australia.
D: Where did you study? I get Edinburgh
R: At first, then I specialised over in the US
D: Was it at St Andrew's University. I saw that online last night and have been drawn to so many things Scots. It is insatiable.
R: That was me giving the McEvoy nudge
D:Did you look like James McEvoy when you were young? I'd like that!
D: So Robert
D: Sunday..I will call it Café about 2pm next week.
R: Yes. Then we will start. I like pencil better than pen. I like your book you bought. It makes it all official if we use that.
D: Ok I will ask though  if there is any technical stuff you need to say then spell it out and if you must I also like pictures. I am happy for you to talk to me as well so the message is clearer.
[I am Claircognisant so things just come to me. This is what I am doing as I write this blog. I sometimes get pictures (Clairvoyance)  or words (usually in songs)]
I then recalled an incident at work when someone said something in my ear but no one was there.
D: Was that you?
R: No That wasn't me. It was your Higher Self talking.
D: Thanks for the confirmation. Go play golf with Dad and Da in the sunshine
R: Shall do.